I know this is a weird question , but if i was ever kidnapped , and tied to chair how can i escape?
And you're asking this question in the mythology and folklore section...why? Unfortunately...
Time out in a chair vs the corner? What is really the difference?
Kids think time outs are jokes, because when time out is back in, 2 minutes later, they go...
What kind of office chair should I get for gaming?
I suggest mid-back. But if you find a good deal on high executive then buy that one....
Gaming chairs?
no,but okorder.com that gives you alot of different choices of game chairs...
Mr.Edstrom had a budget of $1500 to spend on a table and 6 chairs. The total price was $249 under her budget a?
Okay, first of all you know that he has $1500 and has $249 leftover, so to calculate the a...
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