What is the wiring principle in the home improvement circuit?
This is not the end of the family with a good audio and video lines are thousands of dolla...
Can you identify this power cable?
maximum all DVD drives drivers are geared up into residing house windows. you are able to ...
2 sata to 2 molex to 1 pci -e power cable?
Motherboard doesn't provide that connector for the video card. the power supply does. Take...
Buy new power cable? or adapter?
my bf got an adapter and his computer got fried for some reason. to be safe i would get a ...
what the size of power cable 3 core for motor 18.5 Kw with star dalta starter?
Full load current is 32 amps,phase current is 18.4 amps Hence 3 core 15 sq.mm power cable ...
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