What is the famous brand of children's study table now?
Fake, gimmick. There is no such thing as a special desk for children. The child is growing...
Which brand has a good study table? Want to buy a child against myopia, hunchback
The first generation, fixed slope learning table: only a fixed angle of 12 degrees, such a...
What color desks are good for children's eyes?
The desk for children is beneficial to the eyes, and the room decoration color should coor...
What is the standard size of the desk?
European desk size is generally 60X110 cm mesa, Taiwan height of 71-80 cm. The bottom of t...
Children's learning desk, what brand is good, please recommend a quality, resistance to knock! Leather children are destructive!
High quality, human nature design, the following learning table, the brand can be recommen...
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