The need to do a production of plastic parts
Many companies are using LOGO company name of the phonetic alphabet with simple graphics (...
What accessories does PPS engineering plastics use on the car?
PPS/PTFE, PPS/PA, PPS/PPO and other alloys have been commercialized. PPS/PTFE alloy has im...
Plastic machineryWhat about plastic machinery?
| molding machine, laminating machine | mixer | cut | plastic equipment packaging equipmen...
There are equipment in the home, in principle, plastic or metal auto parts can be processed. Where can I pick up the list?
Do more advertising yourself! Print out! Those small units that do not have machine tools ...
What is the 34 curtain pinch 6? I just know it's a mechanical finishing material
34CrNiMo6, Cr- Ni- Mo chromium nickel molybdenum, for high temperature and low temperature...
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