What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
Household Juicer generally has 200 to 300 ~ 400 watts higher than the size of the machine ...
The difference between soybean milk machine and juicer
Because I want to drink juice, so I went back to buy a juicer Joyoung, can not tell the ju...
How do I use the juicer? (detailed description)
The proper use of juicer, how to use the regular juicer, and how to use the juicer is safe...
What fruit juice is good?
Orange, apple, grape, pear, watermelon, OK, combination of words, banana + Vanilla ice cre...
What is the continuous working time of the juicer?
According to different machines, is not the same, the general machine is 15 seconds -20 se...
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