Why is the juicer plugged in and the motor doesn't work?
Look for reasons in several ways:1, the easiest to ignore is a hidden switch between the p...
Separate Juicer juice and dregs not to discharge
We choose things to choose cheap, good quality, so the quality of the big brand is good, b...
Why is the juicer connected after the power supply, the juicer is ringing, the button is not lit, did not respond?
And don't put too much in at one time, no more than 1/3. Try again! (watermelon juicy drin...
What are the nutritious vegetables and fruits to drink with a juicer?
Add juice... Thank Fresh Juice: different fruits and vegetables if reasonable collocation,...
Which brand of juicer is good for you?
1, juice placement can not tilt, and to put solid, can not be loose, the location is not g...
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