I want to use a juicer to squeeze watermelon water without using water or sugar
No, but if you want dessert, you can add some sugar...
Will the juicer add water?
See what you squeeze, and plenty of fruit can be added without water!...
The effect of the juice extractor is too bad, and the juice is layered and not good to drink
Three different working principles of a juicerA high speed centrifugal juicer, which is cu...
Want to know the difference between a juicer, a blender, a cooking machine?
Mixer function: contains juice extractor.But now the design of the business is a problemTh...
What's the difference between a beater and a juicer? Is it necessary for a family to prepare two?
Pulp and juice you should be very easy to separate the pulp to thick some, may also have f...
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