Does the water in the juicer need a certain amount to use?
After washing the food, the juice is diced and then added to the water to stir. There is a...
What kind of juicer? How do you choose? How much would it cost to squeeze juice or vegetable juice for a few months? How much?
Juicer can make pure juice (good thing, juice, separation). The processor is to break the ...
Is the juicer the same as the soybean milk machine? Which one is cheaper?
Yes, but the juicer and the soymilk machine are definitely different. If you want to buy, ...
Juice can not replace the egg machine
A juicer is no substitute for an egg beater. This is because the eggbeater is need to cont...
Bought a juicer, want to do some mask. To some whitening, freckle, acne, go black, skin and so on, the more the better! I heard that juice can lose weight, or give some fried fruit, whitening, in short, the more the better!
Making method:1., tomatoes, cucumber washed, peeled, into the juicer, juice backup.2., egg...
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