Yogurt machine has been inserted for five hours of electricity, why not hot, is not bad?
No, it must be broken. There are two cases, as follows:Another eight hours, the product wi...
Does the yogurt machine buy automatic or regular?
No technical content. What about microcomputers?.Yogurt machine is nothing more than a the...
What material does yogurt machine need to be able to make yoghurt?
The method is simple1. utensils should be sterilized with boiling water (sealed)2. strains...
How about yogurt with yogurt machine?
This is what I made myself a few days ago! Yogurt machine, I bought it in Taobao! I follow...
Can I make sauerkraut with a yogurt machine?
Not recommended to use yogurt machine to do sauerkraut, positioning is not the same.Sauerk...
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