bulldozer fx-4100 quad core and amd hd 6850?
lol wow 1366x768 resolution on a desktop? thats horrid... Yes with that you can definitely...
AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 VS. AMD Phenom II 960T VS. Intel i3 2120?
properly, i exploit Pacemark at present as a benchmarker for cpu's...you recognize of dire...
What are some things used to get around in the snow?
Snowcats ( like bulldozers with tractor treads) snow shoes (looked like tennis racquets) T...
How do helicopters fight fires?
1. with the hose derp 2. use dirt to cover the fire 3. fire missles...
Could you forgive a blind date that picked you up in a bulldozer?
Yeah, I think it would be fun! Atleast you wouldn't have to worry about slow people in fro...
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