My neighbor runs a generator almost all day, is this even efficient?
The simple answer is NO. About 2/3rds of a gas engines energy is lost to heat. If a genera...
Is it possible to run appliances on batteries/w AC inverter and a generator that only comes on occasionally.?
Yes, this is quite possible. What you need to do is to determine the maximum current draw,...
How to connect fuel line for a marine diesel genset for 2 ENG, 1 TNK?
If your tank has another port on it for a fuel line that is where you hook up. If not go t...
Can we run a diesel generator throughout the year without stopping, or should it be stopped for any ntervals?
It is not good to run a Diesel generator throughout the year without stopping. It requires...
what size generator do I need?
A generater of a 3600 watt capasity ought to work. the choice of engine to drive it is you...
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