What are the differences of pvc geomembrane and pe geomembrane?
PE geotechnical membrane is made rom polyethylene raw materials. PVC geotechnical membrane...
how to pave the geomembrane of lotus root pool
Geomembrane is very good. the lotus root pool generally use 0, or soil, with a lot of bran...
Is geotechnical membrane dedicated KS glue poisonous?
This is non-toxic. Generally, fish pond, shrimp pool, reservoir paving impermeable geomemb...
How much is PVC composite geotechnical membrane?
Pvc composite geomembrane is around 80 yuan. The price is relatively high in comparison, b...
Can the mobile phone film be torn down
Yes, 1, use the adhesive tape stick to a corner of the phone, pulling back and forth a...
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