What is this plant called? I always thought it called Chlorophytum.
Shichangpu, Araceae perennial herbaceous plants. Medicine can be phlegm resuscitation. Ind...
Why is there a lot of small insects in the flower pot, what insects, how to deal with?
You encounter this problem, the main reason is poured tea water, pots caused by tea, tea i...
About the plant (golden monkey cactus, small banyan potted, hydroponite Phnom Penh)
Cactus class less water, to the less point does not matter, it depends on what his media i...
I planted the taro. Dripping Guanyin. Chlorophytum. What is the last lemon? How to do?
May be sick, such as insect disease, rot, dry, light, climate and other problems. Or becau...
The difference between the basket scaffolding and the general facade scaffolding
1) Check whether the construction basket hoisting platform has sufficient strength and rig...
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