How to use hot 317 welding rod?
R317 is a low alloy steel welding rod with low sodium hydrogen type. It can be welded in a...
In the pipe welding, a welding rod welding in the replacement of an electrode should be how to deal with joints?
Pipeline welding joints, is most in need of careful treatment, whether it is single channe...
What kind of welding rod does Q345 steel use?
First of all, Q345 is divided according to yield strength. Q is the code of yield. It is e...
One millimeter thick iron direct current welding machine welding 3.2 electrode, need much current?
1, 3.2 electrode obviously thicker; should use less than 2.5 diameter of small welding rod...
E43XX welding electrodes are often used in welding of steel structures, of which 43 is indicated
Simply put, 43 means the tensile strength of deposited metal, 43Kgf/mm2, that is, 420MPa....
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