Q345q what kind of welding rod is used for steel welding?
Acid welding rod, basic welding rod can be welded, but after welding strength is different...
Why should the welding electrode prevent moisture? What happens if you get soaked by water?
Because if there is no moisture prevention, there will be welding impurities, welding seam...
What kinds of welding rods are used in all kinds of steel bars?
Type of electrodeThe type of welding rod is determined by the relevant national standards ...
When welding, for example, 3.2 of the electrode should choose how much current
The current selection depends on the thickness of the steel plate welding you, if it is a ...
How much is the electric welder with 4 mm electrode?
Hello, if you burn it for a short time, ZX7-250 will do, 250 of the sub 220V 380V and 220 ...
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