Do you need a driver's license for agricultural machinery?
By the Ministry of Labor or Safety Supervision Bureau approved the formal operation of the...
Manufacture of agricultural machinery
In the operation, some parts and soil, crop roots and livestock fur and other materials fr...
Huannong machinery manufacturing and automation is mainly to learn what?
Regardless of agricultural machinery or industrial machinery, learning things are similar,...
Then I see a lot of agricultural machinery are still many years of use, who will manage it?
I see a phenomenon, farmers have just finished wheat, can grow a lot of wheat seedlings, I...
July 13, 2017 to cancel the 13% VAT rate, the former agricultural machinery manufacturers 13% tax rate how to deal with?
From 1 July 2017, the VAT rate from four gears to 17%, 11% and 6% third gear, the abolitio...
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