How hard is it to change a water-pump on a 2001 Silverado V-8?
Question i have David is how mechanically inclined are you and a water pump is a mild inte...
replacing water pump seal?
Drain coolant - #13 drain bolt Remove hose from water pump cover Remove water pump cover -...
how much do new brakes and a water pump cost?
in good condition (depending on the mileage) it may be worth a thousand dollars, but if al...
is this dirtbike water pump bad?
The water pump is turned by the primary gear on the crankshaft. When you were turning the ...
what kind of water pump do I need to water my lawn? I would like to use water from my lake. 100 ft. downhill.?
With 100ft of rise your probably going to want a deep well pump. Which means 3/4 to 1hp pu...
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