Compaq Presario PC model SR5550F power issue green light flickers in the back under the power cable?
Does the fan spin (at the back, near where you plug in the power cable) at all? If not, yo...
Do they make 1TB external hard drives with no power cables?
Something that large without a power cable would undoubtedly power surge your mother board...
I found my SATA power cable, but can't find where to insert my SATA data cable?
Still sort of hard without much more info or actually looking at the motherboard. The numb...
How do you connect a PCIe 6 pin power adapter cable to your PC power supply?
But If I have only one moles connector from my PSU, Can I use an Molex splitter for get th...
What is the heat of the cross-linked cable?
75 indicates the characteristic impedance, the video line 75-3 (100 meters) can work the n...
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