Poured cement basement foundation history?
Glue is not going to work for you... You should put a vapour barrier down first (under the...
I am trying to figure out how much I would need in Cement Board?
400 sg/ft . bedroom. 3 ft x 5 ft cement board is 15 sq feet. 400 sq/ft divided by 15 sq/f...
Plywood, gypsum board, cement board, aluminum-plastic board, which to choose, why?
Cement board, plywood can do partition, gypsum board, plywood can do ceiling. Aluminum-pla...
what material can be used to fireproof cement boards?
I'm not sure but, I know under direct heat concrete tends to explode....
Websites that is dealing with Fibre Cement Board good quality. Thanks!?
We okorder.com. Thanks, Rajesh Contractor...
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