The cameras are digital and the film is costly. My Phoenix SLR camera lens 28-70mm spent more than a thousand dollars to me, and the use of value?
If you want to play, then into the Pentax is also possible, Pentax K-R cost is very high, ...
Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
To sell the camera where the camera to buy special paper, and then Kazakhstan gas, gently ...
What is the SLR camera lens built-in zoom
Built-in zoom refers to the zoom lens when the length of the same, from the outside does n...
I SLR camera did not shut down on the lens for what hurt
1 camera body shell is generally negative grounding body, relative to many lens connection...
Will my Canon 600d camera lens how automatic focus can not!
Canon all the cameras are no body motor, all the focus is to rely on the lens motor to com...
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