SLR camera can be installed at the same time two or more lens, is the two superimposed and then what will be the effect
Theoretically can not install multiple lenses, because the full name of the SLR is "single...
The world's most famous three digital camera lens is what
3, Lycra lens; Ie leica. Was founded in 1849 by the 23-year-old German mathematician Carl....
Is the camera's lens longer and more expensive?
Almost can think so. But not comprehensive, nor is it absolute. Only from the appearance p...
How to maintain the camera lens?
The advantage is that compared with the ordinary air blowing, the air blown out and the fl...
Digital camera on the lens 24 ----- 70 / 2.8 What does it mean?
24-70mmF2.8L Meaning the shortest focal length 24, the longest to 70mm constant aperture F...
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