Find the popular SLR camera lens
Take 50mm f / 1.4 this is 50mm talk about the focal length, 50mm f / 1.4 is the aperture. ...
24-70 What does the lens mean?
24-70 means that the focal length of this lens is 24mm-70mm zoom lens. The value following...
Minolta film camera telephoto lens and what kind of digital camera match it?
Hello, Minolta's film camera has three kinds of bayonet, one is the MC, one is MD, there i...
SLR camera in addition to the lens outside the need to support things
1, tripod (monopod) and the shutter line, which is the essential parts of SLR photography,...
Digital camera on the lens 24 ----- 70 / 2.8 What does it mean?
24-70mmF2.8L Meaning the shortest focal length 24, the longest to 70mm constant aperture F...
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