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How much bit should we use to punch the M5 hole? Tapping with Duodasi attack? Why use 8.3 drill bit in the hole of M10? How do you know how big it is to punch and tap?
The diameter of the drill is usually marked at the drill handle. If it is not marked, it s...
What are the main uses of the air pump in the decoration?
Pump in the decoration, mainly: tap water, heating, pressure. Steam a gun pin, hit a steel...
Good concealable motorcycle safety gear for asskicking?
Some smoke detectors run on a battery only and some run on 110 volt household current with...
Can you help me with science about vaccum cleaner fans? Please!?
the fan causes the vacuum cleaner to suck-in the air. as the moving air passes by the dirt...
Can wireless routers be used as repeaters?
PS: if there are a lot of WIFI around, it's better to set a good WIFI name so that you can...
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