Can the SONY Blu ray player play VCD discs?
Support for DVD, CD, VCD, DVD9 and SVCD are not supported....
Can Blu ray recorders play Blu ray discs?
See you in this situation, it is recommended that you buy 3D Blu ray player, after all, yo...
Pioneer mcs-333 Blu ray players connect nuts G1 projectors cannot play 3D Blu discs
If you have to see the 3D Blu ray disc, you'd better change the 3D display device....
1, Blu ray player can only play the Blu ray disk? 2, is not the blue disc is very expensive, but also to genuine?
You can search on Baidu 3D owners, then register the reply after you can download 3D movie...
Can the Blu ray disc be put on TV?
TV only as a display device, the original disk can play depends mainly on the playback equ...
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