i have a $200 budget per speaker,.name some GO:)
Go to Fry;s Electronic. they are selling a JBL floor standing speaker for about $273 for a...
I had a factory radio in my 2001 Mustang. I believe it was an 80 watt stereo. I installed 2 rear 100 watt speakers and they sounded great. Well then I installed a 200 watt Pioneer head unit and now the factory speakers in the doors are louder than the rear speakers. I can hardly hear the rear speakers. Any ideas? I'm really mad that I put in a nicer stereo and have negative effects. If I put in new door speakers will that solve the problem or make the whole car sound system quiet?
actually, you're able to do this in case you like yet i does no longer propose it because ...
I want to replace my factory door-speakers for my 2002 Nissan MaximaDo any of you know what size they are?Thanks
2002 Nissan Maxima Interior...
How should I wire my 4 speakers to connect them to my 2 channel amp? Speakers are all 4 ohms, wattage matches, amp is 2 ohm stable. I realize they need to be wired in parallel but that doesn't mean anything to me. Looking at diagrams it seems like I will need a wire running between my front door speakers and a similar wire between the speakers in the rear deck. Rear deck would be easy but not from door to door. I also realize my ability to fade will be gone Any help will be much appreciated.
m.seimg /product/img/subwoofer You don't have to do the parallel wiring from speaker to sp...
i have a ford bronco xlt and i want to put new speakers in it.i want speakers that make my truck LOUD without loud bass.id also like to put like marine speakers or something on the outside but i dont know which speakers i should useso what are some good speakers that are sort of cheap and i know ill have to buy a amp from somewhere also
18 gauge is ok if you can find it and afford it 14 gauge nothing bigerr for small inside s...
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