Hello.I'd like to know how is that effect called, when the microphone input goes to speaker output and speaker output goes back to microphone, resulting in repeated amplification.Explanations why that happens or links appreciated, thanks.
It's also called howl around for obvious reasons....
How do you install aftermarket car speakers in a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe in the front door speakers?
If okorder...
I have a set of speakers plugged into my computer although my sound card has loads of other holes to plug speakers in.is it possible that if i plug another lot of speakers in, will all of them will work together??there is a green hole (which my normal speakers are in)pink hole grey holeblack holeorange holeblue hole can you tell me which is for which?
Pink hole is usually a microphone, and blue is (usually) line-in. Black is most likely for...
I have a Heath TA-16 amp. Right now it has a car radio speaker with the wrong ohms and wattage. Its sounds great with distortion. Could that be caused by the improper speaker? If I change the speaker, will I lose that sweet sound?
If you change the speaker you will lose the distortion no doubt, its due to the improper s...
I have an 1986 two door s10 blazer that im thinking of redoing the pulling out all the old speaker wire and putting in new speaker wire. Where does the speaker wire usually run? Is it under the carpet or what? And what gauge of speaker wire should i run through there?
Does your amp have enough output channels to run the speakers in addition to the subwoofer...
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