When soldering electronic components, what will happen if the soldering iron stays too long at the solder joint?
Cause overheating damage to components, resulting in copper foil off the printing plate....
How many watts does the electric iron fit?
60W is pretty much the same,However, it is better to buy welding platform, with stable, bu...
With a soldering iron tin is easy to use it with a separate tin suctioner good or 2 so that electric iron with electric iron
You use the electric iron to pick up the electric iron; buy an electric tin gun; if the ec...
The difference between the external and internal heat of the electric iron, the selection method and the selection of power
External heating refers to the iron head in the heating core inside a kind of electric iro...
Why doesn't the soldering iron touch the tin?
It is OK to glue bit of colophony first, also can buy the silk that has colophony to use d...
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