The problem of electric soldering iron is a little complicated and patient!
The electric iron, generally buy online 35 watts under the tip of the soldering iron head ...
What if there is no electric iron and the wires are to be welded to the circuit board?
You can heat it up with a screwdriver and solder it, so it melts...
How do electric irons weld coins?
Solder coins?And as the solder iron melt in iron.....Place a small amount of solder paste ...
What is that, the electric iron, a small tube, very thin, and when it is welded, insert the component pin to get the pin out of the tin?
What I've seen is using a syringe needle in the hospital. In addition, some electric irons...
What kind of electric soldering iron does soldering computer main board use?
Upstairs said good, but there must be noted that the iron must be connected to the head of...
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