i have 2 amps that need to go into my car can i run to power cables from the one fuse?
You will need to run a wire to each amp using a fused distrobution block as mentioned. A 6...
Will a psp go /slim usb data and power cable work on a dead psp go?
#a million. by no ability purchase memory enjoying cards from OKorder. ninety 8% of them a...
what size fuse should i put in my in line power cable?
HM. that alot of wattage i would try 2 100w fuses...
should you run RCA cables and power next to each other?
Keep em seperate or you'll risk engine whinning or other noises. Run the power wire on the...
The difference between power cable and overhead cable
Insulation structure is not the same, the number of core is not the same. Power cable gene...
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