Hohhot Mengniu yogurt flavor of the largest packaging, how big, 10kg there, there is the kind of Mengniu paper cup?
Recently, Mengniu has been drinking plain yogurt with Mengniu sour milk ingredients on the...
Why are there different kinds of packaging words for TIGER vacuum cups?
Japanese brands have a joint venture with China or other countries, and these are genuine ...
How many kinds of sealing methods are there in the plastic bowl sealing machine?
Hand pressure because it is the use of manual sealing, seal with pneumatic and dynamic typ...
Do you have boxes for Starbucks's accompanying cup?
Most of the ordinary goods are not availableOnly recently have the packaging and gift sets...
Bowl with the home, porcelain high temperature (heating in electric heating furnace on it
High temperature resistance. However, to prevent cold and hot, poor quality due to interna...
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