what are some important food additives we need?
In bacon, ham, corned beef and other 'cured' meats, nitrite and nitrate (E249 to E252) are...
5. 0?
It's the exact opposite of the starting number so it's 4.) -12 because it's the exact oppo...
In Linear Algebra, how can you show that there is no additive identity in (x1,y1) + (x2,y2) (0,0)?
The additive identity (e) is defined as: x + e x x - e...
Find the additive inverse of -9 on the 12-hour clock?
The additive inverse is the number that makes another number equal to zero when added. For...
is there additive and one to one function that is not linear on R?
if you pump the brakes that will shut off abs until you restart the car. that will not aff...
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