I have installed cement board ceiling & after painting i found cracks in joints of board.How can i rectify it?
dude you messed up cement board for the ceiling take it down and use sheetrock...
what kind of compound and tape do i use when putting up cement board?
You can use the same fiberglass tape that is used for drywall, but you need to use thinset...
Is Backer board and Cement Board the same thing?........?
Same thing. Backer board is a general term. Backer board can be 1/4 thick. can be a wood s...
Treatment Method of Cracking of Cement Pressing Slab
Full batch processing 4.1 Seamlessly treated high-density fiber cement board surface can b...
Can the cement board be affixed to the woodworking board?
Why do not art glass cut off it? In the back of the cabinet for the glass, the cost will n...
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