40 foot container, 2 kinds of specifications, empty container weight?
40 feet of open top cabinets: product of 12.01 meters X2.33 meters X2.15 meters, picking 3...
What are the abbreviations for "40HQ" and "40HC" in containers?
Quality solutionsHC=HIGH CUBE, because CUBE is pronounced as Q in English, so HIGH CUBE is...
You need a detailed container size and a second-hand price. Thank you all
There are also some short boxes in the past. Height is 2438, length and width. 20ft box si...
How many tons can each container hold?
20 foot container: product of 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, distribution is generally 17.5 tons ...
What is the weight of a 20 container?
45 foot cabinet: the contents are: 13.55 meters, X2.35 meters, X2.68 metersDistribution is...
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