What's the height, width and height of the forty foot container? The units are meters or centimeters, thank you
Internal 13.556, 2.352, 2.700, 86.08620`RF external 6.058, 2.438, 2.591, 38.268Internal 5....
What's the container number?
The last one is usually framed by the box. This is called the check code. The first 10 cha...
Standard size, specifications for Marine Containers
40 feet of cabinets: product 11.8M*2.13M*2.18M, distribution is generally 22 tons gross we...
How much cargo can a 0 foot container hold?
20 feet container with inner diameter =5.90, X, 2.34X 2.38Your carton corresponds to the c...
How many tons can a 20 foot container not exceed?
In theory, the maximum load capacity of a 20 foot container can reach 27 tons, but the act...
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