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if you could dream of one new unique feature you would want on your car what would it be?
a suspension system that would change from a nice jacked up cushy off road stance to a low slung high performance road handling stance. and electronics over the top electronics oh with drones that fly above with cameras that feed a heads up display so i will be able to drive with telepathic like abilities.
Dude, even if you are only replacing what you think is a bad set of pneumatic springs (air bladder) I still would not recommend it since you could hurt yourself (aside from the mechanical hardships). I would suggest that you bring it to a real BMW shop who knows its business. And I hope that whoever diagnosed a bad air bladder was right in the diagnosis for both the dual and single axle self levelling suspension is a very complex system wherein problems can be due to a lot of single items or combination of items. And heaven forbid that you are trying to install pneumatic springs in a previously regular shock/coil type rear suspension. If so then you are hopelessly out of your league here.
My 2003 mercedes benz s500 is sitting very low to the ground and it wont raise up
It sounds like your S500 has the Hydropneumatic suspension system. One or more of the suspension units has failed or maybe the hydraulic pump has failed. Is your S500 out of warranty? You will need a thorough evaluation of your suspension system and some very technical people to help you repair it.
system is to (A)absorb all up-and-down movement in the suspension system(B)adjust the vechile curb height(C)dampen spring oscillation(D)all of these
ask the setup question man who answers with links to products yahoo sells!
i have a 04 escalade ext and the service air ride light has been on for months now i dont drive it. but i will once it gets warmer and i would like to know if i will be damaging anything if i drive with this light on i took to the mechanic and they think the air pump is bad. if i keep driving will the truck drop low will i ruin anything? thanks people
The air ride system on this vehicle acts as a helper for the rear suspension. This means that if you are hauling a lot of weight in the rear of the vehicle then the air ride will maintain the proper vehicle ride height. With the system inoperative the rear suspension would sag when loaded with weight. Under normal operating conditions the vehicle will operate normally. Faulty air pumps are very common on these vehicles.
How do you reopen a suspended yahoo answers account if your appeal form doesn‘t work.I had another Yahoo Answers account called Capital Punishment and it got suspended for false reports. I received a Yahoo Answers Suspension Notice and I also received Violation Notice Emails claiming my questions were hate speech violence, but really they weren‘t. I was just asking questions about the death penalty and other execution methods.How do I reopen my other Yahoo Answers account?
Add a whole host of steering wheels and gear wheels besides road wheels and you will end up with a semi-truck load of wheels!!
i got $800 bucks into my audio system but was wonderign if there was any suspension/ lift kits that people would recomend for my 97 silverado. Its already got a 6 lift with 35‘s. But i really want to get the front lifted higher though for that pre-runner look. can $800 buy anything to do that, or should i just complete my audio system? THNKS
i haven't tried it yet, but i was told to disconnect the tranny lines at the rad and put the input line in a bucket of new oil and the output line in an empty bucket. start it up and stop when the output line oil turns clear. use rubber hose to reach buckets.
Often walking hard cement broken road, the car's suspension should be how to choose?
If you consider the comfort of the occupants, you should choose the independent suspension of the vehicle, the independent suspension of the car: the shaft is divided into two sections, each wheel by the coil spring independently installed in the frame below, when the side of the wheel beating, the other side of the wheel Affected, both sides of the wheel can be independent movement, improve the stability of the car and comfort.