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Adopting with 6x4 driving type,equipped with Weichai WP10/WP12 series gas engine, FAST gearbox and Hande axle, Dayun N8E series tractor truck CGC4253WN4XC achieves domestic first-class level and also enjoys comfort of Euro-type cab.

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Q:Are trailers the same as trailers?
Dissimilarity。 A trailer is used for carrying articles inside a carriage. There are two cars available.
Q:What's the difference between a semi-trailer tractor and a tractor trailer?
Semi trailer tractor is a commercial vehicle equipped with a special device for towing semi-trailer. The front half of the trailer is attached to the traction saddle on the rear section of the tractor, and the rear axle of the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer;The tractor is: the front end of the trailer is attached to the rear end of the tractor, the tractor only provides the forward pulling force, and the trailer is towed, but it does not bear the downward weight of the trailer.
Q:Why are big horsepower tractors all 6*4?
Because 6 x 4 are generally used to run the mountain road, large load, or poor road conditions, naturally need to carry large horsepower, 26 x 2 double oriented, are generally used to run high-speed logistics, better road conditions
Q:What's the difference between tow truck and dump truck?
Grass is a special type of vehicle. Tractors are large trailers. Dump trucks are trains with self unloading functions
Q:Load tonnage standard for semi trailers
Road regulations: ten tons of a single axle. The six axle is 55 tons maximum. Traffic police: traction total quality is generally 40 tons, minus Trailer quality, and the rest is load quality.
Q:What are the proper tyres for tractor tires?
The simple price can not say what big problem may be even more durable than cheap expensive. This can't be said to I think we should look at the quality of tire quality and vehicle weight of the road there is a tire if I think Bridgestone and Yokohama good because I am always contact tire these give you a little but you also need advice for their situation for their own tailor-made good not willing to spend money on cheap goods is not good
Q:Excuse me: are dual drive tractors and dual guide tractors that more advantageous?
Standard load, of course, double guided fuel saving, pre tire dual guide traction head is also cheap, I personally think Dongfeng dragon looks better, you yourself
Q:When all the trains are turned back, it is necessary to avoid a larger angle between the tractor and the trailer. Why is it wrong?
Only when the maximum angle is reached can the maximum rotation angle be achieved, and this kind of vehicle is designed to have a differential controller and an active driving device in the rear wheel, so this kind of situation can be avoided effectively!
Q:Do trailers belong to large vehicles or tractors?
Semi trailers belong to tractors, of course, collectively referred to as large vehicles! But this kind of car has to be A2 to drive! Your present B1 card is definitely not driving!
Q:What do tractors "6x4" and "4x2" mean?
The bridge also known as axle, through the suspension and frame (or monocoque) connected to install it at both ends of the wheel, its function is to transmit the frame (or body type bearing force and torque between the wheels) and each direction. According to the vehicle wheels on the axle, divided into: drive axle, steering axle, steering axle. Support bridge, which support the bridge towards the bridge and the bridge are driven.

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