YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

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Product Description:

YR-2520 Full-automatic glass cutting machine


product description

YR-2520 Full Automatic glass cutting machine

      Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and keep the shape.

      Cutting tool apron: cutting head can rotate 360 degree.

      Table top: imported waterproof HDF board

      Felt: imported felt, smooth and anti-static

  Cutting oil: pneumatic input oil automatically cutting and oil synchronization

  Transfer system: Synchronized belt transfer automatically.

      Electrical parts:

     Microsoft windows interface

     Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipped with transformer.

     Motor: Japan YASKAWA sever motor

     Approach switch: Switzerland ELCO

     Control card: Italy imported TECNOS (match with Italy OPTIMA SOFTWARE)

     Main electrical parts: Japan IDEC Relay, Schneider A. C. Contactor

     Air proportional valve: Japan SMC




     Italy imported cutting and optimization software

     Optimization software can match with ERP system.

     Cutting position limitation

     Calculate capacity automatically

     More than two thousand cutting shape database. (Be easy to operate)

     Match with AUTO CAD drawing software.

Optimization software can be used with cutting software directly.

Automatic calibration function makes ensure cutting accuracy.

Cutting route selection function makes ensure the best cutting speed.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically, fast, accurate and steady.

Adjust cutting pressure automatically when cutting different shape, to ensure cutting effect fast.

Automatic origin position can be search and setting.

Operation input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese and English interface.

Shape scan: different shape point to point scanning, and then transfer into CAD drawing.


Physical characteristic


Optimization software: combine and order the cutting size casually, output the best cutting solution and improve cutting efficiency. Manual revise after optimization which improve the cutting utilization rate.

Optimized pressure and speed: According to pattern, straight line, curve line, incurve and outcurve start point and end pointaccelerative section and  braking section, it can adjust the most suitable pressure and speed.

Shape database: database is available for different kinds of shape.

Shape optimization: change size, rotate, move and combine smoothly in the database.

Operation interface: Chinese and English interface, support many kinds of language.

Drill positionpreposition of drill position.

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Q:What kind of equipment does the toughened glass production line include?
A tempering furnace is needed, but the price is not cheap
Q:How much is the equipment for toughened glass production?
Type 2436 (2440 * 3660) flat steel furnace is about 900 thousand or so, the prices of different manufacturers are different. Matching pretreatment equipment: 9, grinding machine linear machine about 40 thousand; 9 grinding head beveling machine more than 80 thousand;
Q:What are the equipment for making glass?
The main difference is that this piece of molding, specifically what kind of glass, the use of major equipment and ancillary equipment are more, you specifically introduced, you can exchange.
Q:How to choose insulating glass equipment / insulating glass production line?
The difference between vertical insulating glass equipment and horizontal insulating glass equipment lies in the following points:A. appearance: vertical insulating glass production line, according to the model specifications are divided into 16001800200022002500, and so on, respectively, the total length of 13.8m, 17.8m, 20m, 22m, 24.3m. Width about 1.5-2m, height 2.78-3.5m or so. Horizontal glass cleaning machine also has 1600.1800.2000.2200.2500, etc., in which width of 1600 2.2M, 2.8m length, about 70 centimeters high.B. production efficiency: vertical insulating glass production line daily output of about 500 square meters, horizontal glass insulation equipment output of about 250 square meters. The above is based on a 8 hour work schedule.C. cost: 1600 vertical insulating glass production line, the whole set price is about 7w.Horizontal hollow glass equipment prices around 2.8w.
Q:What are the processing methods of organic glass?
Hot bending: shape shapes of organic glass through high temperatures.(1) hot bending method:Clamp the heating with a flat fixture.Hot air gun: heating is not uniform, easy residual uneven cooling caused by thermal stress, days after the easy deformation.Constant temperature furnace: the temperature is relatively average, and the temperature is more uniform when cooled.(2) the temperature and time of setting and tempering of plexiglass after heating:Generally use PMMA, 65-70 degrees, 3-5 hours (hot air heating method)Heat resistant with PMMA, 75-80 degrees, 3-5 hours (hot air heating method)Note: this treatment is to eliminate the residual molding forming residual stress, improve the size stability after the change; mechanical properties; improve the dimensional accuracy, or reduce the deformation.
Q:The factory is doing glass deep-processing, and now want to purchase glass deep-processing equipment, glass grinding machine is now required, I would like to ask you have manufacturers recommend it?
Clamping glass, digital display table shows 00120, indicating the glass after clamping 12mm, 00050 represents 5mm glass, later used for some time, may need to re adjust the digital display.
Q:How much do you charge for a set of insulating glass processing equipment?
Mainly processing aluminum strip type of insulating glass; 3 cleaning dryer and hot melt adhesive machine, mainly processing hot-melt adhesive hollow glass.
Q:What kind of cutting fluid is used in organic glass processing?
SCC790 glass cutting fluid, selected additives and unique formula ensure its excellent processability, especially for glass, ceramic grinding, cutting and other processing.
Q:Can organic glass be processed two times?
. Electrical and mechanical equipment panel, windows and shell, is widely used in protective masks, insulating fittings, hot forming parts, automobile, machinery, chassis, plastic mold, metal lighting, clocks, gifts, plastic electronics and other industries.
Q:Can glass fiber reinforced plastics be machined with high precision?
Matters needing attention(1) because the mechanical properties of glass fiber products are brittle and brittle, it is difficult to clamp. The clamping force causes the workpiece to deform or block the workpiece, and the excessive force will cause the workpiece to fly off.(2) because of the glass fiber heat is relatively poor, linear expansion into relatively large, the workpiece is easy to deform, the size is more difficult to control.(3) the best data can be obtained only through process experiments.

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