YD210S small household sandwich maker with CE GS ETL

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1000 unit
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120000 unit/month
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Item specifice:

Item No.:: YD210S Brand Name:: OEM Place of Origin:: China
Power: 760W / 700W Interchangeable Plates: Grilling / Panini Press Plates / Waffle Plates Color:: Customer's Panton color
Voltage: 120V / 230V Certification:: CE, EMC, EMF, GS, LFGB, RoHS, ETL

Product Description:

Product Description

> 120V/760W ; 230V/700W

> 2-slice sandwich / waffle / grill plate for different options

> Fixed plate give you a more stable temperature

> Non-stick coating plate for easy cleaning

> Skid-resistant feet

> Cord storage

> Stand upright for compact storage & space saving

> Power & ready lights

> Cool touch housing

> Thermostatically controlled lamp

> Overheat Protection

> Stainless steel top cover

Detailed Images

Packing & Size

Pack detail:

Each packed with poly foam, PE bag, Instruction manual, then put in one 3 layers and 4 colours gift box, then certain pcs put in one 5 layers brown export carton.

Product size:

230x220x90 mm

Plate size:

223x124 mm

Quantity / Gift box:

1 pc

Gift box size:

254x110x245 mm

Gift box weight:

NW: 1.28 kg / GW: 1.49 kg

Quantity / Carton

6 pcs

Carton box size:

525x350x260 mm

Carton box weight:

NW: 7.68 kg / GW: 9.8 kg

Loading quantity:

20FT: 3600 pcs / 40FT: 7452 pcs / 40HQ: 8260 pcs

Product Material




Aluminum (ADC12)

Power cord:


Housing coating:


Plate coating:


Cover decoration:

Stainless steel (S430)


1. Price is based on normal white and black colour, other colours will have extra cost. Cost depends on the colors.

2. Price is based on Instruction manual max size 2 x A4 sheet single colour printing paper.

3. Unit price based on raw material cost and RMB exchange rate on the quotation date. Should there be remarkable        change of these cost parameters prior to order confirmation unit price will be adjusted accordingly.

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Step 1: add butter and start baking until the butter melts.The second step: flour, eggs, salt, milk, sugar, yeast evenly mixed into the bread machine.The third step: start the bread on the bread machine and select the "baking color", the weight of 750g. Stirring surface for half an hour, when the point will be issued a reminder, the need to carry out the two mixing surface, repeat the first stirring surface steps, time is half an hour. Last stop program. Let the dough rest for about 1 hours. This can form gluten. If the dough surface, the dough is more viscous, you can add a little flour. )The fourth step: start the "ordinary bread, baking color, 750 grams", into the process of making bread until the bread is done. 20 minutes before baking, butter and egg yolk on the surface.The fifth step: do not take the bread out of the cold, you can let it in the bread barrel natural cooling. Then you will find that the skin of the bread a little hard, not oil. After cooling, it is very attractive
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Domestic bread machine can automatically complete the steamed bread and flour and fermentation process.But do Steamed Buns the last procedure with the Steamed Buns, had moved to the steamer for.
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Put more flour into it. When the bread machine finishes the first and the noodles, press the stop button to start afresh, that is to say, let it and the two face. The effect will be better.

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