XBC Diesel Engine Fire-fighting Pump

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 XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump group is a new-style fire-fighting equipment ("equipment" thereaf-
ter) developed by this Co. in accordance with GB6245-98 Fire-fighting pumps and NEPA20 Installation of cen
trifugal fire-fighting pumps etc.standards and, upon the fitted fire-fighting pumps (single-stage single-suction type,
single-stage dual-suction type and sectional multistage type), canbe divided into XBC-IS, XBC-SLOW and XBC-D theree sub-series. The equipment has a wide range of pressure and temperature and can be used for almost every occasion necessary for fire-fighting.
 The diesel engine fitted with the equipment is an excellent product domestic or imported, features good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance and use and high degree of automation. The equipment is really a fire-fighting one advanced and reliable in performance.

<1> Technology Parameters:
Environmental temperature: +5º C-º C+40
Air relative humidity: ≤ 90%
Flow: 5-120L/S
Rotary Speed: 1450r/min
Calibre: Φ50-Φ250
Temperature Range: ≤70º C
Working Pressure: ≤2. 5MPa

a)Compact structure

b)Stable running, low noise

c)No leakage

d)Convenient operation

e)Viewing from the inlet of the pump, the outlet of it can
be mounted in one of the three ways, horizontally leftward,
vertically upward and horizontally rightward


a)Water supply for the fixed-fighting system of both industrial and civil builtings.

b)Fire hydrant fire-extinguishing system

c)Automatic spraying fire-extinguishing system

d)Fog-spraying fire-extinguishing system etc

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Q:Where is the water pump located on a 2000 Chevy Impala?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avT4K More than you can afford. It's got dual overhead camshafts and the water pump is in with the timing if I'm not mistaking. Because of this, you have to disassemble the entire front part of the engine. You also have to bring it to top dead center, mark the camshafts, remove the timing belt, and a whole lot of other stuff that you just don't want to mess with.
Q:problem with well water pump?
it sounds like either your pressure switch is messed up or your pressure tank isn't working right
Q:water well pumps?
Not sure I quite understand the question completely, but here goes. If you have one well of sufficient pipe size, usually no less than 1 1/2 coming up out of the ground, and a standard 1/2 - 3/4 hp pump won't pump much water out of the well, then the point is probably partially plugged with lime and crud. If that's the case, you can try putting muratic acid down the pipe, let it set for a day and then hook the pump back up and pump water for a couple hours out of the well. Or you can try shooting a 22 rifle down the pipe, sometimes the concussion of the bullet hitting the water is enough to push enough of the junk off the screen to allow a decent flow for a while. Or you can do the proper thing and have the point pulled and replaced, (you can do it yourself with a decent bumper jack and a well dri ver). Good luck
Q:Water pump issues on ford f150 1986?
Get yourself a Haynes or Chilton repair manual at Autozone, Pep boys, etc. Make sure you clean the old gasket material completely off the block before you mount the new pump. If not, you'll leak and have to do it all over again.
Q:Relationship between pump voltage and lift?
In the case of power, W=F*S. That is, the work done per unit time pump = the gravity of the water flow * the displacement of the waterIt can be seen that:1, the power is certain, the head and the flow is inversely proportional.2, the greater the power, the greater the product of the head and flow.Therefore, when the flow is minimum, the pump head is the maximum; when the head is the minimum, the flow is the maximum.
Q:i have 1998 Camry LE. Just reached 100, 000 miles. Do I need a new water pump when I get timing belt changed?
Do you NEED a new water pump? No. Is it a good idea at this mileage to do the WP with the T-belt? Yes. The reason being if the water pump were not replaced and it were to fail at some point in the future you would have to pay all of that labor again since the timing belt has to be removed to get at it. Now the pump may never fail but it could which is why this is recommended as preventive maintenance. A T-belt on this car whether 4 or 6-cylinder books for 3.0 hours of labor time. Adding the water pump while the mechanic is already in there just adds 0.4 to 0.7 hours of labor time and the cost of the pump and coolant flush. Since the coolant flush is probably due anyway that really isn't even an additional cost. Similarly, the accessory drive belts have to come off when doing the timing belt. If they are worn or still original there is no labor additional charge to replace them at this time, just the cost of the parts. In the end it is up to you. To save money now you can opt just to replace the Timing Belt and perhaps the accessory belts as well and leave the pump alone. Ideally a water pump will last the life of the engine but then my shop replaces 4-5 water pumps a week that have failed so it can and does happen. If you opt to leave it alone just keep in mind that if it does fail you will have to pay all that labor a second time. If your willing to take that risk then....
Q:Are submersible water pumps silent?
submersible pumps are absolutely able to be completely submerged. they come in may sizes based on outlet pipe size and horsepower ratings. they are also very quiet, usually about as loud as a fish tank air pump or so. you need to know distance from pump to end of outlet hose and rise(meaning how far uphill it will be pushing the water in order to size it properly. you will also need a waterproof spot to plug it in for outdoor applications.
Q:What are the quota items for the complete pump installation?
It can be divided into the following sections:1. pump installation platform, to obtain concrete and reinforced section (if any)2. anchor bolt installation: cap construction reserved bolt mounting holes of the anchor bolt installation hole grouting taking, (may be incorporated into the 1), and the damping piece related item;3. pump installation: installed in the installation of fixed item taking pump, check the wiring and debugging section, the first cable.The above is only a rough expression, the specific problems are flexible.If you still don't understand, you can contact me.
Q:Trouble with Cam Seals and Water Pump! Help!!?
I used to work for a dealer, they price by the book, even if they are already in there.... so if say you want to replace your alternator and your belts, they look up what labor is on the alternator, and then look up what labor on the belts is and add them together, even though youd have to pull the belts to change the alternator anyways. So basically you get charged for labor twice under this system. A different shop should be able to do this cheaper. If your water pump is out you should be overheating...... If youre doing the timing belt though, you probably want to look into those cam seals, if they leak on your timing belt they will weaken the belt and maybe make it break, which is really bad if you have an interferance engine (meaning if the pistons are up and the valves are down they will hit, usually breaking/bending the valves). The dealer should know if its an interferance engine or not, or you could do a quick internet search. If the belt has never been replaced i would definately recommend doing it though. Whatever you end up doing though, i would get a second opinion from a non dealer. At toyota they would charge more for lexus parts than toyota parts, even though it was the same part with a different part number... you may be in the same sort of boat with the audi.
Q:Is my water pump going bad?
LOOK okorder.com on internet! WHAT SIZE IS ENGEIN HERE! FOur, five, six, eight yidner from WHAT COMPANY! NOBODY can answer thsi question for you without MORE DETAILS! THANX!

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