Wool Hand Tufted Carpet

Ref Price:
Loading Port:
Xingang , China
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000 M2 m²
Supply Capability:
2000M2 Per Week m²/month

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Product Description:


Detailed Specification of Wool Hand Tufted Carpet





90x2750px,120x4250px,150x6250px,160x5750px,customized size


Any color available

pile height

can be from 8mm to 12mm

pile weight

1800-2200g/sqm , 90-120 lines


cotton canvas with latex adhesive


Tufted , cut pile or loop pile




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freight of DHL/FedEx/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 to 6000 SQM

Production time

25 to 35 days


Deposit + TT/ LC


Pictures of Wool Hand Tufted Carpet


Package of Wool Hand Tufted Carpet

Each piece of rug be rolled up in an individual standard plastic bag.



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Q:Should I rug up my horse?
No. A horse prefers the rain above the sun. Our horse can walk in and out there stables if they want. It's a nice temperature in there. (its made with isolation between the plates). And they will stand outside in the rain, even when there is a storm. But as soon there is a Little bit of sun and there are flies they stand in the stable. Underneath a blanket they heating up their temperature for getting rid of the rain on their back. But the Warmth can't escape completely, and the water can't go away, cause above it's water prove so it can't go trough it. So putting a blanket on when they are already wet in the rain, with a temperature of this will make them only sick. and if it gets to bad, than you can put them inside in the stable. But Absolutely NO blanket cause they start to sweat for getting the water of them (imagine you being wet. And then putting a vest on, it won't be nice for you, and eventually you will sweat also...)
Q:Carpet Tile?
well thats just standard practice to list the pricing per box... you should be able to purchase by the square(piece) Also might wanna try your local carpet store.carpet squares are typically more of a comercial grade carpet,so you could also look in the phone book under commercial flooring and talk them into selling some of their extras. hope that helped.anymore questions,feel free to ask. i have been a ceramic tile installer for 10 years and did my share of carpet too. jarod
Q:help with carpet stains!?
Bleaching okorder.com. Protect your expensive investment and have a pro look at the problem.
Q:Tell me the one way to remove the rug?
Dusting is the one method to remove your rug is then dusted thoroughly from both sides with our special rug duster. This step is very important because it’s easier to remove the majority of the soil while the rug is dry...They must be cleaned on a regular basis before they reach the point of total saturation...We have so many method and we can select our method from many site based on our comfort ability...
Q:Disposable kitchen rugs?
I have never seen a rug of any kind that is intended to be disposable. You can, of course, throw any rug away, if you don't mind the expense of buying new rugs all the time.
Q:what to do when carpet smells like cat pee?
I would go and find a good stain and odor remover,and also a pet stain sensor thing.I can sense where there are actual pet stains.Our stair carpet smells like cat pee,and it hasn't ever gone away-you might have to get a new carpet.
Q:where can i order zebra print carpeting?
Carpeting isn't cheap, so when you have it installed wall-to-wall, you should make it so that it can transcend fads, trends, and personal taste periods. I understand your design concept and support it wholeheartedly. Having said that, I'd suggest getting carpeting in an off-white or black, then getting a zebra area rug. In a few years, if/when you're 'over' the zebra-ness of the room, you only have to replace an area rug and not a whole room of carpeting. Insofar as the pink, I'd use it as an accent color in the space. Pop it in with pillows, lamp shades, etc. Those are less expensive, too, to replace down the road.
Q:Can I put carpet tile over padding ?
Carpet tiles usually have some adhesive on the bottom so they can stick to a concrete floor. I think over padding they would be too uneven and cause tripping. Remove the padding and just put them directly on the floor.
Q:How much does it cost to get new carpet?
Well, if you are getting pretty close to the cheapest, I would probably say it would cost about 1800 bucks plus about 400 for installation.
Q:A spot on my sons rug smells like skunk! why? and how do I get rid of the smell?? 10 points best answer?
It could be spilled milk...or some other decaying food item...those can really stink. I would try undiluted white vinegar. Pour it on the spot and let it soak in for a while (put a towel under the rug so it doesn't soak through to the floor beneath). Blot it up and allow to dry. Pour baking soda powder on it overnight and then vacuum. If that doesn't work and you have direct sun where you are located...sit the rug out in the sun for the day. Sometimes the UV light from the son will kill any bacteria if the stain is some food item decaying. If you get the smell to decrease but not go away entirely....febreeze it at the end.
We produce high and low, wool, acrylic, polypropylene carpet and car seat motorcycle cushion. Wilton carpets, chenille rugs.Our products sell well in Europe-America, South-east Asia, Africa and other international markets by advanced equipment.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Tianjin, China
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value ¥10,000,000 - 20,000,000/year
Main Markets North America; Australia; European
Company Certifications ISO 9001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Xingang
Export Percentage 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3 - 5 people
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range