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CPUIntel Atom Cedartrail D2500 1.86GHz, a dual-core CPU.
Chip setIntel NA NM10.
System memoryDDRIII SO-DIMM 2G.
Display memoryMemory for 256MB.
The display controllerIntel integrated GMA3150.
Screen14.1 black crystal mirror screen,1366x768, 16:9 the perfect visual enjoyment.
Keyboard84 key keyboard chocolate (relief).
Touch panelHave the trackpad button 2.
The mobile storage deviceCard reader module (SD/MS/MMC).
Hard diskHard disk 320G
SoundBuilt-in MIC, an audio output jack, support AC'97.
I/O port1 headphone jacks;
2 USB2.0 interface;
1 RJ45 interface
1 card reader (SD/MS/MMC);
1 HDMI output
1 DC-IN socket.
CameraBuilt-in 300000 pixel.
BluetoothBluetooth 2 (optional).
Wireless networkSupport 802.11B/G/N protocol
Power supplyThe power adapter:INPUT: 100-240V 1.7A 50~60Hz OUTPUT: 19V = = = 2.2A
Battery7.4V 4200mah lithium polymer battery.
Battery:     Battery operating time is affected by the following factors: brightness and battery charge and discharge times, operating system, liquid crystal display settings, applications (especially video playback,such as playing DVD), power management settings. The service life of the general notebook computer battery is limited, the efficiency of the battery and the useof time as the increase of the frequency of use and decreased, cell loss of the normal is a normal phenomenon.
SizeAbout 334.5*223.5*21.8; including the packing size: 43.5cm*28.5cm*7cm.
WeightAbout 1.56KG (including battery); 2.26KG packaging.
Color:Ultrathin silver FCL 5 packing size: 45CM*36.5CM*30.5cm.


Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in Okorder.com?
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.



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Q:laptop pawn?
I am a pawnbroker. Laptops are desirable in the pawn industry because the demand for a good deal on one is very high. They are QUICK sellers! In the last month, I have had about 9 laptops for sale, and the longest I had one actually on the shelf was 3 days. The pricing will vary from laptop to laptop, and from shop to shop. Call ahead. Be sure to ask about the specs. Remember, just like at the retailers, a laptop with a faster processor, or a duo processor, more RAM and a large HD will be more expensive. Also, a laptop with Vista will be at least $100 more expensive than the exact same laptop with Windows XP. Be wary of pawnbrokers that get impatient while you are checking the laptop out. You'll want to check to make sure what the shop is claiming the laptop has is true. My competitor down the street has a habit of claiming that a computer has more RAM than it really does.
Q:is an HP Pavilion a good laptop?
Yes, that's a good laptop. HP Pavillions are high quality laptops from my experience and are quire reliable. The specs of that laptop are great and it is a good laptop for any use.
Q:What laptop is this is?
Do you have the laptop physically with you or just a picture? If you have it with you, there is usually a tag somewhere on the laptop that lists the model. Also in the BIOS the model will be listed.
Q:Do most people use laptop than desktop?
It doesn't matter about what everyone else uses, it's about what you need. Are you living in a dorm where space is limited? Are you not at home a lot and need a computer to use at school? If so, then laptop would be good for you. If you're living in your parents house or you have a large living space, and you could easily access computers while away at home then a desktop might be best for you.
Q:Why are laptops bad for your lap?
hi grant i heard this too. then thought about it - of course they're bad - they'll SLOWLY COOK YOUR SKIN over a long enough period of heavy use!! i mean, it's not like i get up every morning and IRON MY LEGS hehe i'm going to ask YA. . i've been ironing my legs every day for around 6 years and i've developed some problems, does anyone know why?
Q:laptop screen?
Keep okorder
Q:Daily usage of laptop?
Depends on the laptop, depends if its on battery or power(if its power its 24/7)
Q:Experiences with Compaq Laptops???
i have my compaq laptop for more than 2 years, and i never had any problem. it's very good, the start-up around 3 minutes (i used 80% of my hard drive) so i think its okay. the keyboard and LCD has no problem ever since. sometimes my laptop is one day full turned on but never overheat because i have a laptop fan below. so, it's a good quality.
Q:Sims 3 laptop friendly?
Sims 3 is made so that it'll play on even slower computers. There is practically no loading time and one of the creators said it was so you could play it on your grams computer. It should definitely work. :)
Q:ps3 or laptop?
I would say laptop A PS3 is lots of fun, but you probably would use a laptop alot more. Also, you can still play games with a laptop, so it's more the better. Still though, it's your opinion.

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