Wholesale YD-507 New Patent Vacuum Cleaner SIZE:52.5x33.5x40.5CM/

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$3.60 / set
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TT or LC
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2000 set
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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product:YD-507 New Patent Vacuum Cleaner

Power supply:DC-12V with cigarette lighter;
3m Cord;
HEPA Filter;
Patent design;
Packing:color box;

CARTON SIZE:52.5x33.5x40.5CM/20PCS.11/10KGS.

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Q:What relationship do Woman and Vacuum Cleaners have?
Women hate vacuum cleaners but the vacuum cleaners are blase^
Q:Professional house Cleaners only please help with vacuum cleaner?
I have had the same issues time and time again, either too heavy, won't fit under furniture, hoses tear, too may filters and like you tired of replacing them. I purchased a Dyson about a year ago and it has not lost suction yet. I use it everyday it only needs one filter and I wash it out as directed which is perfect for me. The extension pole on it is great too for getting dusty spots and spiderwebs. I comes with a lot of different attachments so i can manage multiple surfaces. I will never buy another vacuum brand.
Q:Are commercial vacuum cleaners available for home use?
Look at Miele vacs and the Oreck upright. I've cleaned houses for ten years and those are my top picks.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Lost Suction?
Double okorder.com
Q:Hi Aussies, is my wage fair? (sales job) Should I quit?
As somebody else suggested, find yourself another job, and then quit. But, if you tell your boss you want to keep the job, then be careful if he gets you to sign anything that says you agree to stick with the company for a period of time. If you get given something like that, then I would say you should turn it down. As far as I can see, you are being paid only per sale, not per hour, so instead of working 10 hours/day, I suggest working until you get your first customer, then spend the rest of the day looking for other jobs. Your boss might want you to work harder, but he's not offering you any incentive to do so, so don't.
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners that have a charcoal filter?
not that i know of . and it would be better to get one with a hepa filterthey trap more dirt than regular filters and that means less allergys and irritants in the air for you.
Q:How old do you think is old enough to use a vacuum cleaner?
I would say 10 years old. kids younger than that wont really understand how important it is. i mean, its not CIA stuff, but you know, getting the corners, taking care of it, not banging it around. I think 10 year olds understand that its for cleaning and tidying, not a toy you push around that makes lotsa noise to scare the cat or dog. and they gotta have a little muscle, at least right? i dont know about you but i dont have those fancy dyson vacuum cleaners that are light and easy to maneuver. so yes, 10 years old :) for me. ahhah
Q:Do Vacuum cleaners get rid of germs?
clorox came out with a product recently that is like their hard surface sanitizer but for fabrics. I like it and use it probably once a week on everything ( mattress, carpets, etc) It does however say that over time it may lead to fading of dark fabrics so beware.
Q:If pizza hut sells pizza, sunglass hut sells sunglasses why does fingerhut sell vacuum cleaners?
Why, are you in the market for fingers?
Q:Can I use my vacuum cleaner to suck up the excess co2 in the air?
Unfortunately, vacuum cleaners are not very selective. They will suck up N2, O2, CO2 and everything else. The other problem is that they squirt it straight out after filtering any dirt particles larger than a certain size. Even if you could capture what was sucked in it would not alter the ratio of CO2 to everything else. That would remain the same. Apart from that, it sounds like a good idea.

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