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Euro grey float glass performance parameters

Name of glass

Visible light


Shading Coefficient

Sum of transmittance
of Solar energy



Direct  transmittance

Direct reflectance

4mm Euro grey glass


5mm Euro grey glass


6mm Euro grey glass


8mm Euro grey glass


10mm Euro grey glass



China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) is the largest comprehensive building materials industry group in China.
l  A Chinese central government directly-owned enterprise established in 1984
l  A Fortune Global 500 company
l  15 publicly-listed companies
l  Over 180,000 employees

CNBM Glass Factory founded in1922,which is the first machinery continuously made glass manufacturer in China even Far East.It was honored as "the Cradle of China Glass Industry".

CNBM has solid technical,brand,talent and market advantages.Over the years,Yaohua takes State-level R&D Center and post-doctoral research station as platform and independently developed online Low-E glass,self-cleaning glass,borosilicate glass,aluminosilicate glass,fused silica glass and a number of other domestic leading,international advanced new products.

CNBM glass main products are high quality float glass,auto glass,architectural energy efficient glass as well as tinted glass of pink,Ford blue,F green,dark&light grey and online coating glass,for its complete variety,highly complementtary and wide market coverage.The products are sold to more than 100 countries and won recgnition and praise worldwide.

CNBM of hundred years history,after the baptism of the time and historical precipitation,will continue to pursue the development concept of inheritance and innovation,to glow new vitality and vigor,to stride forward toward a higher goal.

Q:Is the cutting of complex or glass this thing is expensive or the store chaos price ~ Why those who set the glittering glass necklace ah headdress ah earrings ah bracelet so expensive I am actually not interested in this just want to know what the stone so expensive
In fact, glass is not ruthless, Is crystal ruthless, Because the glass is the best crystal imitation items, Looks ruthless like crystal, so ruthless
Q:Was the glass skydeck built with the Sears Tower, or was it later added?
If your talking about the new glass deck where u can walk out as if on a ledge and itt's surrounded by all glass including the floor thats has been since this past summer that visitors can take advantage of this attraction.
Q:Lanzhou Huazhong hollow glass factory where
I was in Chengdu, Sichuan State-level economic and technological development zone of glass deep processing enterprises, in our park also Huacao building materials, and its enterprises mainly engaged in the production of steel profiles and sales, but also set up a steel doors and windows factory, including products, there are insulating glass Building glass supporting sales.
It means that fantasy and reality are not one and the same thing. In a fantasy people can imagine what they want to. So for this fantasy you can picture a shock wave. Titan takes off by providing a very sudden very high force. Which radiates through the building shattering glass. Just like high explosive would. But this is only a background to a plausible fiction.
Q:What is the coating of the glass coating?
Glass coating liquid, nano-rain invisible film, the use of special chemical means, in the car glass surface coated with a layer of thickness of only a few to a dozen nano-invisible hydrophobic protective film, so that water droplets can not interfere with people's attention line of sight Water film, while falling on the glass surface of the dust, oil, insect pulp is easy to be washed away, nano-rain invisible film filled with glass surface of the fine cracks, remove the oil film, dirt, so that the glass is more smooth and translucent. The above is only about the problem of automotive glass coating, there are many different uses of glass, coating is also different, such as: optical glass, building exterior glass and so on.
Q:I have a chinese water dragon. He is still a baby but I'm looking to build him a bigger cage as he will grow to possibly three feet in length. I've searched the net for ideas on his cage and I'd like to use glass or plexi-glass on the sides and front of the cage. Even though I've looked at all the youtube videos I can find and any free plans I can find, I can't find a good way to build doors with glass, or plexi-glass, in them. I might just go with a sliding door but I'd prefer a door or two similar to a cabinet door. The opening is most likely going to be about 4 feet high. I also can't figure out how to attach the side, glass/plexi-glass, panels.I have basic tools but I don't consider myself a great carpenter. In other words, it needs to be simple.Any suggestions/help would be wonderful.
I would go with the plexi. That way you could make a wooden frame (or metal if you wanted) and then just drill the plexi (very slowly as to not crack it) and then screw it into the frame that you have made. Once you have that done you can focus on the doors. I would suggest making them in the same fashion. Once you have everything assembled you should seal it up. For this i suggest using "aquarium silicone" (use this because it is animal safe). You can get it any Lowe's or Home Depot (it should be near the paints and glues). *NOTE* -If you plan on building this way it is very important to remember that you need air holes or screening so the animal can breathe. For this you can either drill more holes in the plexi, or use some sort of screen for the roof- I hope this has given you some more ideas on how to make an enclosure that will not only house your larger animal, but also look decent doing it :)
Q:Architectural glass insulation film brand ranked the top ten are what
The British film is currently available in any glass to achieve energy-saving products, is the national 863 program results.
Q:To a friend to say that under the sound of the glass how to choose it?
Hollow glass: hollow glass in the high frequency noise (such as people speak the sound, the school tweeter horn sound, etc.) have good sound insulation effect, but the traffic low frequency noise (such as bus engine noise, train noise, aircraft noise, etc.) effect is not obvious The
Q:And do not say the thickness of the grade ~ ~ For example, car class ~ ~ construction level
Flat glass flat glass is not processed by other flat glass products, also known as white glass or clean glass. According to the production method is different, can be divided into ordinary flat glass and float glass. Flat glass is the largest in the building glass, the most used one, mainly for doors and windows, from lighting (visible light transmission than 85% 90%), enclosure, insulation, sound insulation and other effects, but also further processed into other technical glass The original film. Flat glass according to its use can be divided into window glass and decorative glass. According to the national standard "ordinary flat glass" (GB4871-1995) and "float glass" (GB11614-89), the glass according to its thickness can be divided into the following specifications: pull the production of ordinary flat glass: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm four categories. Float glass: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm10mm, 12mm seven categories. The width of the glass produced by the drawing method shall not be greater than 2.5, of which 2,3mm thick glass size shall not be less than 400mm × 300mm, 4,5,6mm thick glass shall not be less than 600mm × 400mm. Float glass size is generally not less than 1000mm × 1200mm, 5,6mm up to 3000mm × 4000mm. In accordance with national standards, flat glass according to its appearance quality classification grading, ordinary flat glass is divided into superior products, first-class goods and second-class three grades. Float glass is divided into three grades: superior grade, first grade and qualified product. At the same time, the curvature of the glass shall not exceed 0.3%.
Q:I bought a tempered glass film online, but I will not paste, I will not paste around, how do?
A side removed and then aligned on the wiping of the phone on its own adsorption on the phone screen you repeatedly rub a few times like

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