Wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner with inlet HEPA filter#YLW67-15/20/30

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350 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: YLW67-15/YLW67-20/YLW67-30



1200W nominal power

Plastic barrel(20L),1pcs 1.2M hose,Cord length 2.3M total(1.8M outside),2pcs plastic tubes,1pcs floor brush,1pc nozzle,HEPA filter


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):18-20


Cable length(total):2.3m (outlet unit 1.8m)

Material:Dermatoglyph finish 

Tank Material:

15L plastic/metal

 20L plastic/metal

 30L metal

Product size:




Carton Size(L*W*H):










Load quantity(20'/40'40'HQ):






Key Feature:

Wet&Dry use,with Hook,Safety switch,Cable storge          

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,


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Q:Why do vacuum cleaners never last long?
I had a lot of trouble with vacuums to. I have purchased a Kirby vacuum last year and it works great. Yes they are expensive but it have a great warranty on it so if it breaks I bring it in to get fixed and they even let me borrow one of there's until they are finished with the repair. They never discontinue the bags either.
Q:Does anyone know how to make a very organized looking pattern on the carpet when vacuuming?
You need to vacuum so the grain of the carpet is pulled up. You need to experiment, tho it sounds ike you did. You need the find the direction of the weave. And you need to hold the brushes on the vacuum so they brush the pile. And enough suction. Pull the vacuum slowly so the brushes work the pile.
Q:Do you know much about vacuum cleaners? I have a problem with mine.?
Here's okorder.com/... See page 8 for the changing the belt and page 10 for trouble shooting.
Q:Does anyone make really quiet vacuum cleaners?
The quietest one I know is a Ghibli. I have one. If you're standing beside it, you can talk to someone in a normal voice. Mine doesn't have a beater bar which is the noisiest part of a vacuum cleaner but has lots of suction and does a very good job on carpets without it. Go to a vacuum specialty store and see what they have. I understand that Miele is very quiet too. When you're checking out vacuum cleaners, note that most of them give a decibel rating in the specs
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners that have a charcoal filter?
not that i know of . and it would be better to get one with a hepa filterthey trap more dirt than regular filters and that means less allergys and irritants in the air for you.
Q:Can you connect a pool vacuum to a sump pump instead of the pool pump?
If the cord you're relating to is the vigour wire, it's not intended as a control device, and should now not have performed this. If anything, doing this may have triggered the pump to activate, if the cord used to be unintentionally lifting a waft-switch. Long-shot that you caused a erroneous cord/plug to vigor the unit up, however i'd be extra inclined to switch the pump swap. I've visible installations the place the wire kinda came out of the sump good, placing in mid-air, and put enough stress on the connection between the plug and receptacle/wall socket that that connection began to fail, so take a moment to investigate that out too, in particular if the receptacle is possibly getting a little ancient. My spouse would insist on just getting a entire new sump pump, not entirely a nasty inspiration, honestly.
Q:what kind of batteries do hand held vacuum cleaners use?
Old vac's like the BD Dustbuster (which I have) use Nickel Cadmium cells. Not sure about new models but NiCd's are cheaper than newer alternative NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride).
Q:At wallmart or any other store do they sell any steam cleaner vacuums? ?
Most places that sell vacuum cleaners also sell at least one brand of steam cleaner. Unless you will be using it a lot, rent one. When you unpack one you bought, you will also find that finding a place to store it is a real pain.
Q:Whats wrong with my hoover?
Strip down the vacuum cleaner at the base down to its component parts and you will find a blockage in the pipe going from the foot to the collector. Mine had the same problem.
Q:power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?
Extending the cord is flirting with a UL issue, but that being said, you might have a problem getting a cord the same style as the existing cord, but rubber cords (SOOW, SJOOW, SO, or SJ) are available in the bulk wire section, I would stay away from plastic types (STO, SJTO,SVT, SJT). And use one size larger that the existing cord, (smaller number = larger wire), because longer wire will suffer more voltage drop. Edit: Another thought occurred to me, you could shorten your cord, to like 18 and use a make an extension cord the length you need, and zip tie the end of the extension cord to the vacuum.

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