Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher,Sand Making Machine

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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher widely used in mining industry Our Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is especially efficient to crush harder and causticity materials, such as carborundum, emery, and magnesium sand. LY Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is one of the most advanced impact crushers nowadays. It introduces high quality roller bearings, which ensure the smooth running of main unit. Personalized design is used in upper cap, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is easy and convenient to maintain and replace spare parts. 

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is our sole patent using central feeding & central cascade feeding, which can be changed based on customers' needs. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher working principle  The entire center feeding: Material falls the feed hopper, then enters the high-speed rotary sling wheel from center feeding hole, which is speeded immediately in the sling wheel. The speed can reach several dozens times of the gravity acceleration. Then Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is thrown from the sling wheel. First, it is crushed with other rebounded material fell freely from the sling wheel. Then both of them are impacted to the material lining (rock-rock) or strike back block (rock-iron), rebounded and stroke to the top of eddy cavity of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher in the inclined-up direction. Then it moves along deflection-down, and forms a continuous material curtain with the material from the impellers passage. Just like this, the material is stroke, rubbed, crushed twice or more, then is discharged from the down discharging hole. 

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Features: 

1. The structure is simple, and the operating cost is low.

2. High efficiency, and low consumption.

3.Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is slightly influenced by the humidity of material, and the max humidity is 8%.

4. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is more suitable for crushing mid-hardness materials and high-hardness materials.

5. Its product is cubic, and the density of piling up is high and the iron pollution is low.

6. The working noise is less than 75 decibels and dust pollution is little 

Technical parameters

ModelMaximum feeding particle(mm)Rotary speed
Processing capacity(t/h)Power

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