Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Veneer, which comprises a board body, the plate body is a layered structure, including a pattern layer, the bottom paper layer, decorative layer, in pattern layer and a bottom paper layer between a decorative layer, the pattern layer, decorative layer, the bottom paper layer pressing and bonding as a whole. Because the utility model adopts the above technical scheme, the utility model provides the veneer, at the joint of the installation, do not need to use the edge strip, reducing the installation cost, for simple and convenient to install and avoid the emergence of the phenomenon of uneven stitching, also won't because of uneven stitching at the resulting in the use of the inconvenience, also in the overall effect, elegant appearance.

2.Product Characteristic

Melamine board can be arbitrary imitation of a variety of patterns, bright color, used for a variety of man-made board and wood veneer, the hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance. Melamine veneer chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, acid alkali, general grease and alcohol solvent. Melamine board surface smooth and clean, easy maintenance. Because the melamine board has the excellent performance which can not have both the natural wood, it is often used in the interior construction and all kinds of furniture, the cabinet's decoration. Melamine board surface smooth and clean, easy maintenance.


Name: MDF

Pine tree species:

Origin: Jiangsu

Grade: E2

Moisture content: 12%

Apparent density: 850

Bending strength: 11

Special features: not easy to split

Specifications: 2.3*1220*2440

Item: dnhfnq2.3NE2-850

4.Reference Picture

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

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Generally should be at the distance from the edge of the saw blade 250 ~ 300mm interception

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