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Type:Co-extruded film

Usage:Vacuum Infusion

Feature:High-Temp resistant


Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion


Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Product name:Vacuum bagging film




Temp resistance:120


Supply Ability

Supply Ability

1000000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

paper tube inside, plastic wrap outside and finally packed in pallet.



Lead Time:

Quantity(square meters)

1 - 1000


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated



Vacuum bagging film is a five co-extruded film vacuum-type with charactors of soft and pliable. It has the characteristics of high strength, good air-tightness, soft texture, uniformity thickness, high breaking elongation rate. Excellent ductility makes it meet the requirements of various shapes easily, and its high temperature properties make it easy to apply to processes of "vacuum infusion resin" and "wet vacuum". It is widely used for producing yachts, wind-power blades, cabin cover, car surrounded, bonnet, helmets and other components with high strength and light weight.


With the continuous improvement of low viscosity, low exotherm, and thermosetting resin system on manufacturing technology, the core material with good diversion performance, the vacuum resin infusion processing is gradually widely used in composite materials production, so as to achieve the desire of improving FRP product quality, maintaining the integrity of its structure, reducing weight, and reducing overall costs becomes possible. This process has been successfully applied to large wind blades and nacelle covers, train head covers, safety helmets, yachts, ship, sports equipment, etc. Vacuum Infusion processing is a new type of low-cost composite material large-scale forming technology, which eliminates the air of fiber reinforcement materials under vacuum, the use of auxiliary materials can help exhaust excess air, control the resin flow well, achieve impregnation to the fibers and fabrics, so that it can be cured successfully and perfectly.

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Q:Car foil price list general car foil how much money
Car foil from a few hundred to tens of thousands of price range. See what effect you see the film, the ordinary film hundreds of dollars. Can prevent privacy (in fact, is the decorative film). Two thousand to five thousand yuan of insulation separated from the UV, the film through the light is good, and seven or eight years without refund of color. More than five thousand yuan is basically a security film (in fact, the market that the explosion-proof membrane, but can really play the explosion-proof effect of only one or two brands, the other is false propaganda.) Furui Da security film is done more Good brand, can be affixed to the ordinary car glass can hit the thieves brick hit, running in the fly stone and even the effect of bullet attacks.
Q:Pvc wood decorative film is how attached to the furniture
Usually with a flat with a cold press or the appropriate hot paste up, the surface of the vacuum laminating machine! The principle is (the use of vacuum and the pressure difference on the outside of the extrusion, vacuum laminating machine plane surface can be posted)
Q:Privacy film/tint for windows on doors of our home?
Go to an automotive store , they have different shades besides black.
Q:Glass decorative film market how.
Glass decorative film how to choose a direct relationship between the use of the effect and the actual effect, I first talk about what fake glass film features and hazards:
Q:Car beauty film generally how much money
Hello, what kind of car you are
Q:Soft film ceiling decoration ceiling installation method?
Soft film ceiling decoration ceiling installation method, in the latitude and longitude soft film ceiling manufacturers decorative ceiling installation method can be very simple divided into two, only a few steps can be completed.
Q:Home window surrounding decorative film
Widely used in indoor and outdoor public buildings, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, residential wall, ceilings, doors, furniture, columns, elevator decoration, bathroom and bathroom and other areas of the initial installation and renovation.
Q:Does the body film decoration affect the car inspection?
Body paste color change film is not a car inspection. Fair regulations clearly, the new car before the card can not be the film, but the car does not affect the appearance of the decorations can be installed. Vehicle inspection is what we usually said the vehicle inspection, "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations" the relevant provisions: Article 16: A motor vehicle shall carry out safety and technical inspection in accordance with the following time limit from the date of registration: (A) the operating passenger car within 5 years of annual inspection 1; more than 5 years, every 6 months test 1; (B) cargo trucks and large and medium-sized non-operating passenger cars within 10 years of annual inspection 1; more than 10 years, every 6 months test 1; (C) small, micro-non-operating passenger car within 6 years every 2 years test 1; more than 6 years, once a year test; more than 15 years, every 6 months test 1; (4) Motorcycle inspection within 4 years every 2 years; more than 4 years, once a year inspection; (5) Tractors and other motor vehicles are tested once a year. The motor vehicle is qualified for safety and technical inspection within the prescribed inspection period, and the safety technical inspection shall not be repeated. (6) Vehicles that exceed the retirement age can not be transferred (trade and sell), but can continue to use; if you buy and sell, you can go to Che Kwun for the car to cancel the car (write off the car file), and then buy and sell.
Q:Can you decorate the film at home? Or ask the master?
You can DIY, but to paste the words or find the master better. Detailed to Han Mei Court decorative materials website like to ask.
Q:Home decoration with color crystal film ok?
The concrete wall is absolutely can not be posted, even if it must be forced to stick, but paste it will automatically fall after it no matter what you feel, so there is no color crystal film can be directly attached to the cement wall, The!

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