UV light robot vacuum cleaner for home and bed handhold

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Quick Details


Vacuum cleanr


Hand Held

Bag Or Bagless: 



clean on bed and home



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China (Mainland)


1)Great CCFL UV lamp kill dust mites 
2)Gearing punch with strong force of 15 N 
3)Multifuctional accessrores for clean home




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Q:Are Styrofoam peanuts bad for vacuum cleaners?
I would use a broom. If you have a shop vac that would work but those peanuts will clog your every day house vacuum.
Q:When did Amish people stop using elephants as vacuum cleaners?
I even have a vac that i offered from a nearby vacuume save that became equipped to their specs. It won't be in a place to be offered in any shop or perhaps on the internet (a minimum of the final time I checked). Delta is what it it called. that's has an exceptionally heavy accountability motor it relatively is seen to be advertisement accountability. Has 3 tiers of clear out plus the baggage i purchase for it are wellness facility grade hepa. What is going in that vac does not pop out of it it relatively is for particular. So i'm now not spreading greater airborne dirt and dust whilst i'm attempting to scrub it up. that's somewhat on the cumbersome section and awkward to get around with yet I even have found that with vacuumes there is often some form of sacrafice to be made. you may settle on on what's important to you with the best factors and in basic terms %. what ultimate suits you. This gadget i could have serviced and it'd final me maximum of my life. All areas may be repaired/replaced on it as needed. because of the fact it cleans so nicely and retains the airborne dirt and dust contained extremely than spewing it applicable decrease back out i opt for it over lighter weight greater fee-effective vacs that are greater handy to artwork with. IMHO you may seem at a vac shop till now procuring out of any time-honored merchandise shop.
Q:What is a great vacuum for small spaces?
Hi, okorder.com... Hope this helps.
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners with built in lights?
In case the power goes out...ha good one! Power goes out your vacuum will not be working :P
Q:why are cats afraid of vacuums?
Because they are scaredy cats
Q:why vacuum cleaners are scary?
i don't think they are scary
Q:Does anyone know why my vacuum smells so bad?
If you pick up a stink-bug (swarming this time of year in the mid-atlantic and NE), dead mouse (reaching under radiators or beds, for instance) or other critter, that would cause a stink pretty quickly. And permeate your filters even if you clean the cup. Re-clean everything, and clean the hose and cup as well. Baking soda and some of the smell-killer sprays will help with the hose.
Q:Were Hoover vacuum cleaners ever sold door to door?
yes,,in the past. I believe Kirby is still sold door to door.
Q:is the infinity vacuum rated as well as the dyson?
In Point: The Infinity is no where as efficient as a Dyson (DC17), and will not deep clean as well as the new Dyson. The Dyson (DC17), coupled with its new filtration system and aggressive brushroll specifically designed for American carpets will deep clean better than most vacuums under $1000, as well as the previous Dysons on the market (My older DC14 left alot of filth in my carpet that my DC17 vacuumed up....mostly sand and dust).
Q:Question about my vacuum?
yes it should spin by hand it sounds like a bearing has seized these may be part of the motor itself and non replaceable good sign of this is any grinding noise when trying to turn the motor, or the motor brushes have worn down or cracked and this can jam the motor

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