U Type Tie Wire/ Utype Iron Wire/ Galvanized U Wire High Quality

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Material: Galvanized Iron Wire,Galvanized Steel Wire,Iron Wire Cross Sectional Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh,Protectiong Mesh,Fence Mesh,Decorative Mesh,Gabion Mesh,Window Curtain,Barbecue Wire Mesh,Cages
Type: Galvanized Wild in Width: 1.1M Surface Treatment: Black
Metal Wire Drawing: Cold Drawing Status: Hard State Thickness: Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique: Electro Galvanized,Hot Dipped Galvanized

Product Description:

Bding wire 

Binding Wire(Stitching Wire), also named Staple Wire, is supplied in sizes from 0.40mm up to 1.00mm, from galvanized iron wire. 

    We can supply stitching wire, or staple wire on 2 kilo plastic reels, 3 1/2 kilo reels, 10 kilo reels, 15 kilo reels plus spools of 100 kilos. 

Stitching wire, or staple wire can be supplied in round or flat wire, in galvanized iron wire or copper coated iron wire.

    We can according to the customer's requirements to produce all kinds specs and colors nylon on steel wire, and offer good servicement to customers.

Material: Made by standard low carbon steel wire through the process of wire drawing, acid washing, rust removing and annealing.

U Type Tie Wire/ Utype Iron Wire/ Galvanized U Wire

U Type Tie Wire/ Utype Iron Wire/ Galvanized U Wire


Feature: Can offer excellent flexility and plasticity, can be used widely.

Application: U type iron wire is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting to certain sizes after being straightened. U type iron wire is mainly used as binding material in construction. It is easy for transport and handle, finds popular application in construction, handicrafts or daily use.

Types: electro galvanized U type iron wire, hot dipped galvanized U type iron wire, pvc coated U type iron wire, black annealed U type iron wire.

Elongation Rate: 10%-25%

Tensile Strength: 30kg-55kg/mm2


Black annealed  wire , galvanized wire

Cross-sectional shape


Sectional dimension



Various specifications to choose


According to the customer's requirements 

Tensile sterngth


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Q:How do i wire a receptacle with 12/2 wire that has only black/red and ground wires?
that is notably unusual. commonly, the twine used is #12/2 NM-B for abode wiring. yet whilst it is already put in, that is likely to be to no longer basic to alter it now. yet in no way concern the NEC is here! The national electric Code demands the impartial to be white. you are able to purely re-% out the purple conductor with a decrease priced roll of white electric tape. The Code demands the comprehensive conductor on the container to be re-pointed out. Or a sequence of three (3) stripes on the conductor. So use the black on your 'warm', and re-% out the purple with white tape on your impartial.
Q:Strange/old wiring in outlet receptacle.?
you've got some good answers so far. if the wire turns out to be aluminum then proceed with caution because aluminum wire in small sizes turned out to be a terrible idea. it will need a special receptacle. if the wire is bx wire as described in your first comment don't bother with those greenies he mentioned because simply screwing your device into the metal box will bond the ground together. it uses the 6/32 screws provided as an excellent grounding means. you may want to consider using GFCI receptacles as well. I've never seen a new hot wire and old neutral wire like you describe and I've worked on a lot of older houses. before you get into trying to rewire your house realize that this is a very time consuming and aggravating project that will require two people who really should have experience doing this. if you do it then invest in a long (like 4 foot) drill bit and some glow sticks.
Q:Will 8 Gauge wire support 50 amps?
usually up to 60amps 8 gauge will be sufficient
Q:How to extend my speaker (wires)?
Yes you could definitely cut the wires and extend with other copper wire. I would try to find wire close to the same thickness, and as others have said you need to insulate the two wires so they don't short each other. Since it's just for PC speakers, are they amplified? If you use them for watching movies etc. you may want to just get some extenders to maintain a better sound quality, but that is up to you, it will work either way.
Q:What is a wiring harness?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axbZn Buy a couple feet of 16 gauge THHN wire and some crimp-on butt splices. Use a wire crimper to strip the short wires, and butt splice a few inches of the new wire on to the short ends. Then connect the new wires to the harness. ACE hardware should have everything you need. An auto supply house might also.
Q:i needed many different colored electrical wire for cheap?
Summit Racing...
Q:My rabbit is chewing wires?
There is a pet spray called Bitter Apple. My rabbit hate it. You can usually buy it at a pet store.
Q:My pinball machine is supposed to be grounded, but the wire from the pinball machine has only two wires.?
Just go to your home cente or electric supply house, and get as long as you need of 16/3 SJO or SJTW cord and a grounded plug, and replace the cord there.
Q:How do I wire an old plug?
It would be better for you to post a picture of your wires and where they are going to on the machine so that we can tell you what is what. Otherwise it would be difficult to say just by telling us one is red and one is yellow. No offense intended, there's just not enough information with just knowing the wire colors. ------------------------ WARNING! Red is NEVER used to indicate a earth connection as XOXO suggests! Damage to your machine or harm to you could result if you attempted to connect red to earth. ------------------------ OK, I see your picture (thanks): Yellow is most likely the common wire. It connects to your white wire. The red wire connects to the Hot (black) wire. If you have a switch in the system, the red wire would connect to your switch or foot (gas peddle). And of course the other side of your switch would be connected to your black wire of the power cord.
Q:944 wiring harness?
Porsche 944 Wiring Harness

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