U-Type 10T~50T/10T Double Beam Gantry Crane with Hook

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U-type: Gantry Crane Anti-sway: Crane

Product Description:

U-Type 10T~50T/10T Double Beam Gantry Crane with Hook

Applied the situation

    Double girder crane with hook is available for general service, such as loading/unloading, lifting and transferring work in outdoor storage or on railways. In addition, it is equipped with professional spreader which is used to handle the container.

U-Type 10T~50T/10T Double Beam Gantry Crane with Hook

Ordering Notice

It consists of four parts, namely, the span traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, the trolley traveling mechanism, electrical equipment and etc. The span traveling mechanism welded structure of box-type. The crane traveling mechanisms are separately adopted to drive. All movements of the crane are controlled from the cabin. Either rigid shapes of steel (angles or tees) or flexible insulated cable shall be selected to be utilized as runway conductors and proposed in the order by the purchaser. Max. and min. Value of environment temperature , the sort of power supply, the voltage and other data shall be proposed by user when filling the order form.

U-Type 10T~50T/10T Double Beam Gantry Crane with Hook

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