Tripod Universal 8X Optical Zoom Lens For Mobile Phone

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Universal Mobile Phone 8x Zoom Telescope Lens Telephoto


Camera phone can only overcome the shortcomings of myopia is not a distance, so that a clear vision as presented in your eyes, and have 6-fold zoom. This product, avoid the picture distortion, super wide-angle, through light volume, high resolution, color reproduction is good, the phone image quality has improved significantly. For watching, concerts, travel, animal lovers observed, long-range shooting of journalists, private detectives and so on camera evidence




100% brand new,high quality
Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a Telephoto

Can be used as a binocular separately
Suitable for most cameras and mobile phones

Fit:Watch Game,Travel,photograph etc.


Lens: 21mm


Dimensions: 62X30X30mm
Weight: 35.9g


Package includes:
-1x Long focal lens
-1x Universal holder



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Q:Nikon camera CPU lens is what the meaning of the best said some
In general, "CPU lens" this call, Nikon love to use Simply put, Nikon will be able to communicate with the fuselage through the contact lens called the CPU lens Previous CPU lens to D-type lens as the representative of D-type lens: Distance focus distance data transfer technology Later evolved out of the G-type lens, canceled the aperture ring CPU lens to achieve more advanced metering and auto focus function In the year is a technological breakthrough
Q:What camera and lens are suitable for humanistic photography?
Corresponding to the above, you can filter out the relatively consistent with the models. First, because the digital SLR size is not small enough, so the digital SLR is not appropriate; Secondly, because the shutter sound too loud, you can take pictures of the phone is not in the selection of the list; Moreover, because you can not see the immediate effect, film machine is not suitable For the humanities photos; again, because the time is not short enough, card-type DC is not suitable for humanistic photography; according to the above requirements, and then according to their own habits of the camera can choose the most suitable for their own camera.The third, to accommodate enough scenes; fourth, low-key; fifth, good quality, with the digital camera with a good match; the first, small size, in the hands of light; second, character deformation small;
Q:Canon 600D indoor close-up shooting with the kind of camera lens?
The body no gap, such as 600D and 550D with the same effect of the same lens, according to your current budget can only 550D or 600D with 18-55 lens, because close to the shooting, the other lens is not too expensive is simply not used,
Q:Why are SLR cameras so expensive? Are you there?
Expensive in the structure of the patent, lens material, lens grinding, lens coating are quite need of high-tech level of fine technology, focusing system, shutter system, anti-shake system, imaging system, miniaturization, reliability; To achieve the best grip feel, reduce the weight of the machine structure of the material, the machine sealing performance. And both are top scientific and technological achievements.
Q:Sony digital camera lens stretching with friction sound
If the sound is not too big, then no problem, you switch off the machine when you look at the lens is not a halt when the phenomenon of pause, if there may be into the sand, it is recommended to post-sale detection
Q:Can I replace the lens of the camera called micro single?
You can think of this machine as a reverse product between cards and SLR! But this product has a huge congenital defects, 1 is the price, much higher than the consumer product, enough to match the price of low-end SLR, 2 is almost no lens can be changed, there are two or three performance is not ye ye, that this thing than the price and portable far less than the card, more than the optical performance and the low-end SLR with a dog head to a tie There are expensive optical lens, superior performance of professional SLR view, those images better than the card, but not inflow
Q:Why is there a white dot on the camera lens?
You can upload pictures. Take a few pictures put on the computer to enlarge a closer look, there is no trace, generally no problem
Q:What is the focus of the SLR camera?
Focus lens is the biggest advantage of large aperture, the second advantage is high quality, of course, is similar to the price and the focus of the zoom ratio. Such as Nikon's 50 / 1.8 as long as less than 700 but can have a large aperture of 1.8 and 4000-5000 zoom lens sharpness. In Nikon's 180 / 2.8, for example, Nikon has the highest sharpness in the head, but as long as more than 5000 pieces
Q:How to configure the SLR camera lens
General imaging excellent lens prices generally between 4000-7000 Another SLR camera do not expect a go to the world Of course, is not to say that no one go the world of the lens And is such a lens sacrifice picture imaging in exchange for convenience The pros and cons have to look at your own trade-offs
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
3. Model to see their affordability, entry-level SLR sensors are similar. Do not have to care about, if the money can buy a full frame of the SLR (sensor size, and the bigger the better), to more than 10,000, a little expensive

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