Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building

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Product Description:

1. material: vermiculite 
2. tempreture:1100 
3. sound insulation:40Db 
4. properties: fireproof, soundproof

Description of Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building:

1. Name :Vermiculite Building Material                                                      

2.Specification :2400*1220mm,2100*900mm,1000*610mm, irregular vermiculite products.

3. destiny:400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

4. Packing: wooden pallet                                                               

Characteristics of Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building:

1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and zero radioactivity, non-asbestos .

Excellent workability.
2. The fireproof grade is A 
4.high-qulity vermiculite

5. Excellent fireproof character.

6. Heat insulation and preservation.

7. Sound insulating and absorbing.

8. Moisture adjustment

Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building

1. fireplace boards/bricks

2. fireproof boards

3. irregular products

4. soundproof products

5. insulation production

Technical Data of Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building:

1. Maximum service temperature:1100 °C

2. Continuous working temp:1000°C

3. Compressive strength: 0.8-3Mpa

4. Liner reheat shrinkage (24H @ 900°C %):<3< span="">

5. Total porosity (%):60-74

Thermal Insulation Vermiculite for Building

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You could use vermiculite. Because it's a natural product, it seems to hold a little more moisture. I would think that any surface that is damp would be a potential source of bacteria. The trick would be to swap out the towel regularly so to not build up a toxic level of bacteria.

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