The best quality ! Led video dance floor for disco

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Product Description:

The best quality ! Led video dance floor for disco

Technical parameter:


- Toughened glass cover and high class appearance.

-Controlled by software,can realize the lighting effect

and audio to play synchronously.

-Flat and smooth connection,fast and convenient installation.

Thickness:6cm     Toughened glass cover

High brightness:700CD/m2

Strict pressure test,can be supported 500kg/m2

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Q:Beam light from the middle to the sides of the horse, change color, how to do 5
There are several ways, some console, you have such functions, options, you can manually do more scenes
Q:What is the difference between the stage effects of a LED light and a beam lamp?
the propagation distance is shorter than the professional stage lights, if the stage space is large enough, the LED lamp can not achieve the effect you want;
Q:230W beam light, pattern beam light, computer pattern lamp three difference?
Therefore, this kind of light heat is different from the traditional computer head lamps, the wick is relatively small, and no external isolation layer, so that if the heat, like the traditional lamp is, the bigger the better cooling mode, is not feasible, it will lead to continuous impact ionization ionization arc lamp, lamp life.If the heat is not enough, the bulb will blow up soon.So, this beam requires a constant temperature system.
Q:Why does the beam always jump to protect?
Solution,1: remove the temperature control. (but it's not safe.)2: improved ease of heat dissipation.
Q:Where can I buy a beam lamp in Chifeng?
Chifeng selling lamps more concentrated place is Evergreen Street, evergreen hardware near, other, such as the big three near,
Q:Where is the light beam lamp in Xingyi?
Congjiang to Xingyi and Huishui to Xingren high-speed high-speed road two
Q:The beam light is very dim. What's the matter?
The lens is clean. The lamp has been in use for a month. Can't it decay so fast?Chasing the answerThe color channels do not move, to 0, so dark, this was a month, not decay, is no bubble, is not playing out the yellow light?
Q:Light beam motor reset failed serial port error
The motor is broken, but that function is not working properly.
Q:How to buy 300W beam light
SKYSTAR brand 300W beam light, 200W beam light, 60W led, shake head, beam light, etc. can all be considered.Choose suitable for you to use, choose cost-effective.
Q:Why does the beam light always reset?
Normal operation, in this case, may be signal interference, or motherboard problems, or other reasons

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